Enterprise Servers & Virtualized Storage

IT infrastructure services and Office Automation, Building Automation

RTS Business Solutions offers a full range of Enterprise Servers & Virtualized Storage (ESVS) solutions for your organization. From industry-leading companies including Dell, HP, Lenovo and IBM.

The suite of products include x86 & RISC-based Server / Near line & Online Storage / High Availability of Application / Server Consolidation / Virtualization & Backup Solution. Beside that we also provides solutions for IT infrastructure services and Office Automation Setups in Lahore and Major Cities of Pakistan. We the RTS Business Solutions ensures the best service in the industry.

With the leading demand of huge data storage/data migration and quicker service, your choices for data storage solutions will have an immediate impact on your business. Tune your business with Enterprise Servers & Storage from RTS Business Solutions.

Enterprise Servers & Virtualized Storage.

  • Industry Standard Server
  • Blade Server
  • RISC Based Server for Mission Critical Application
  • High Availability Clustering
  • Storage Solution
  • Backup Architecture and Implementation

RTS Business Solutions also provides leading range of office Automation and Building Automation Service in Lahore and Major Cities of Pakistan. Most Importantly  in the Leading age of Technologies and Huge Data maintenance we provide best business solutions in industry. Businesses engaged in launching or upgrading office automation systems must consider a wide variety of factors that can influence the effectiveness of those systems. Therefore these factors include budgetary and physical space considerations, and changes in communication infrastructure, among others. But two other factors that must be considered are employee training and proliferating office automation choices.

A dizzying array of office automation alternatives are available to businesses of all shapes, sizes, and areas. Therefore such systems typically involve a sizable investment of funds. Hence it is wise for managers and business owners to undertake a careful course of study before making a purchase. Because primary factors that should be considered include: cost of the system, length of time involved in introducing the system, physical condition of the facility into which the system will be introduced, level of technical support, compatibility with other systems, complexity of system, compatibility of the system with the business area in which the company is involved.